Thursday, November 18, 2010

Ananda Shankar - And His Music

Imagine combining John Williams, Ravi Shankar and Parliament Funkadelic...
Ananda Shankar's fusion of Indian classical and western film-scores, with a bit LOT of funk, makes a wonderful sound. Ananda's approach at musical composition takes the best of both (East & West)  worlds. Due to the wide variety of musical influences on Ananda, his music can be  enjoyed by a vast population of musical followers.
Ananda's work, as beautifully crafted and organized as it is, sounds like it belongs in an epic bollywood from the 70's! In fact, I'm sure some of it ended up in at least one Raj Kapor movie. Being that this album was produced in the 1970's, it is reasonably psychedelic. It's no 13th Floor Elevators, but it sure does rock! :)

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