Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Andrew Cauthen - Country

This album is perfect for winter time. I have a feeling the next couple of posts will be albums 'perfect' for winter time... This album discovered me a couple years ago. I was downloading a Stars of the Lid discography torrent and whoever made it seemed to have put a couple extra songs in there. I chacked them out, not knowing what it would sound like. To be honest, I was a little nervous, being young and the title of the artist/albums where very strange (take pills die/ there are better ways to kill yourself you know).
First time jamming to these were excellent! There is a crispness to this ominous, and at some times sinister  droner-jam. The suspense and stillness of this album make it a perfect snow-gazer. It is so easy to pop this on and just get lost in the flurries! If you enjoy this, please let me know to put more up!

Soy Loco por ti Sensimilla!

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